Bin Hamila Arabian Horse Stud is located 60 km from the bustling mecca of the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Nestling between the sand dunes and palm trees, this stud was born only few years ago and is already well on the road towards excellence. Dedicated to continuing breeding the brilliance that has been laid down by Arabian Desert itself, Bin Hamila stud can boast of bloodlines that are both rare and highly prized. In a few short years the stud’s horses are now a familiar sight at shows across the UAE covered in garlands and best is yet to come.


The stud has a successful story since it has begun in 2009. With a professional and dedicated team who is behind achievements at the show grounds, Bin Hamila Stud is a privately-owned Arabian horse farm that is fast developing a reputation for being a world-class source for type, beauty, and versatility. The stud is supervised by Mr. Ali  Al Mazrouei the owner and the founder of the stud. His interests in Arabian horses motivated him to put all efforts to develop this stud in order to be in the ranks of Arabian and international Arabian studs. He agrees in a true commitment to breeding the highest quality Arabian horse and ensuring these horses a great quality of life. The Arabians horses are a great source of joy for both himself and his family. This is not a business venture, more as a lifestyle. With our breeding practices and level of care being dedicated to the understanding and preservation of the Arabian horse, our goal is to breed and own the highest quality horses. We strive to breed athletic horses with solid bodies. The ability to ride these horses is always an important part of our breeding program. Balanced and great bodies combined with type and movement. Arabian horse is also a quality that takes high priority in the breeding decisions. We believe in the process of evolution and plan our breeding program around it. We don’t believe in focusing on any particular bloodlines, more often focus on best sire suited for the individual mare.


Nowadays, the stud acquires and breeds the world’s finest purebred Arabian horses who are participating in international events worldwide. Our collection of Arabian stallions, mares and their offspring come from the greatest Arabian horse bloodlines in the world.


From the entire staff at Bin Hamila Stud we welcome you to our magnificent farm. We also invite you to enjoy our website, our farm and experience for yourself the beautiful of Arabian horse.


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